As per the new amendments in Companies Act. OPC is under managment of one person as director but it also requires to compliance with the mandatory rules and regulations as applicable to the private limited company. Below is the list of annual mandatory compliance that a OPC company has to follow:-

  1. Open Bank Account and file Form INC-20A for Commencement of Business by transferring the subscribed Amount as mentioned in MOA.
  2. Appointment of Auditor within 30 days
  3. After the closure of Financial year ie. 31st March every year prepare and file Income tax return.
  4. Filling of DIR -3 KYC before 30th September Every year
  5. Filling of Balance sheet and profit and loss account in form AOC-4
  6. Filling of Companies Management position in form MGT-7
  7. Conducting Two Board meeting every year
  8. Conducting One Annual General meeting
  9. Keeping the documents related to company at the registered office address