Private limited company or One person company or public limited company and even LLP can addition of directors or appointment as person in the company as a director to manage its operations and functioning.

For adding a director we will required the basic documents like Pan card, Aadhar card and bank statement and passport size photo of the person to be added. It is short process which takes 2-3 days. Streamline Biz Solutions is the right pace to get this work done at a reasonable cost.

Resignation of a Director

To start the resignation process we the experts at Streamline Biz Solutions will guide you by passing the resolution and filling form Dir-11 and DIR-12. The time duration required to complete the process will be 5-6 Days

Change in Designation

Private limited Company or Public limited Companies cannot change the Designation of any Director only by mear word there a specific form which is required to be filled after passing of resolution by majority of votes . Additional director to director to Managing Director all is done through a process and by intimating the government through filling forms on time.

Change in Address

A private limited company or one person company or public limited company and even LLP can Change its address anytime when it becomes mandatory for the company but for changing the address also you need to intimated the government as all the legal papers will be always sent at the registered office address of the company.

Change in Name

Sometimes it becomes mandatory for certain companies to change its name due to some other reasons as change in business activity in this case company needs to first pass a resolution and then come to a conclusion for a specific name. Apply for that name to the Government once approved we can proceed with the name change for the company. To complete the whole process for change of name it takes around 3 weeks time.

Change in Object

Companies can change its bussiness objects any time with approval through Members meeting and resolution passed at EOGM. We at Streamline Biz Solutions will guide you the best for the same and complete the task with expertise.

Change in Capital

Depending upon the balance sheets and the transactions of the company.Company can alter its capital clause by passing ordinary resolution. There are two types of Capital in a Company i.e Authorized Capital and Paid Up capital .Changing in capital can be done within a time period of 10 days and to know more about it and cost call us at Streamline Biz Solutions any time at your service 24*7.

Removal of Director

Removal of director is different from that of Resignation. In case of Removal the Director is not ready to resign in that case the company may pass a resolution after giving an opportunity to the Person and can remove him from the director ship. To remove a director from the company it takes around 20 Days.