Shop Act Registration

Shop act registration is governed by the State Government. every state has different procedures for Registration of shop and establishment

Among all the states in India the Maharashtra shops and establishment act, 2017 is provided registration online to start any type of business within the local limits of Maharashtra Shop act Registration is compulsory be it a hotel, restaurant, café, medical shop, hardware or electronics shop. Get Shop Act Registration in Maharashtra through Streamline Biz Solutions.

Shop act registration is mandatory to start any business and open a bank account and also to get legal recognition in the market. Shop act registration is the oldest form of Registration and also the basic form to start any type of business. only getting GSTIN registration is mandatory and accounting in firms name is enough but some states like Maharashtra its required to urge shop act license too if business premises is under municipal corporation limits or NOC from Gram Panchayat if business premises is under Gram Panchayat limits.

Shop act Registration is the simplest and the hassle free process. There is no Government Involvement in the day to day working of the Business. Shop act also refers as a sole proprietor ship business as there is a single owner who has the idea and motive to run a business and earn profit from the society to which is serving. Streamline Biz Solutions is one essay platform for online Sole Proprietorship Registration in INDIA. Get your startup business registered under Proprietorship.

Documents required

  • Pan card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport size Photo
  • Light Bill of the Establishment Address
  • rent Agreement if rented
  • Photo of Owner outside and inside the premises

Benefits of Shop act

  • Single ownership
  • No Government penalties and policies applicable
  • Easy process to start a business
  • Full control over the day to day working
  • Loan can be taken in the name of Establishment

Disadvantages of Shop act

  • Limited Funds
  • Limited Working capability
  • Any one can copy the name and good will