LLP Registration

LLP Stands for Limited liability partnership. LLP is a kind of partnership firm registered under the LLP ACT 2008, wherein the liability of the partners is limited the extent of their sharing proportion. One can make LLP Agreement on the basis of the mutual understanding and agreement between the partners. To create a Limited liability partners there should be minimum two people who are ready to work with a single and similar object under one business name and share the profits and losses.

Limited liability partnership has the easy process for change in partners either it be resignation addition or shifting of office. Streamline Biz Solutions is pioneer of LLP Registration in INDIA.

Documents required for LLP Registration

  • Pan card
  • Passport/ Driving Lisence/ Voter id card
  • Bank Statement/ Light Bill/ MOBILE Bill

We Provide: For the ease of Company registration, we offer

  • Digital signatures for two designated partners with a validity of two years
  • DIN for two Partner
  • Name approval letter
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • LLP Agreement
  • PAN Number
  • TAN Number

How to Register

  • Applying for the class two digital Signature
  • Submitting the LLP name application
  • Certain documents will be provided for sign on the approved name of the company
  • Uploading llp Form Fillip
  • Getting the Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Drafting of LLP Agreement and getting it printed on the stamp paper
  • Uploading the LLp agreement to the Government Authorities to take it into their record.